New Invariant Quantity To Measure The Entanglement In The Braids


  • Faik Mayah Department of Software, College of Computer Science and IT, Wasit University, Wasit, Iraq
  • Nisreen Alokbi Department of Physics, College of Science, Wasit University, Wasit, Iraq
  • Ali Sabeeh Rasheed Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Baghdad, Iraq


Linkingnumber, Sato-Levineinvariant, Evans-Bergerformula, Magnetichelicity


In this work, we demonstrate  that the integral formula for a generalised Sato-Levine invariant is consistent in certain situations with Evans and Berger's formula for the fourth-order winding number. Also, we found that, in principle, one can derive analogous  high-order winding numbers by which one can calculate the entanglement of braids. The winding number for the Brunnian 4-braid is calculated algebraically using the cup product  on the cohomology of a finite regular CW-space which is the complement $\mathbb{R}^3\backslash \mathcal{B}_4$.



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New Invariant Quantity To Measure The Entanglement In The Braids. (2022). Journal of the Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences, 4(4), 1051.