Eyring-Powell MHD nanoliquid and entropy generation in a porous device with thermal radiation and convective cooling



  • S. O. Salawu Department of Mathematics, Bowen University, Iwo, Nigeria
  • R. A. Kareem Department of Mathematics, Lagos State University of Science and Technology, Ikorodu, Nigeria.
  • J. O. Ajilore Department of Mathematics, Lagos State University of Science and Technology, Ikorodu, Nigeria.


Entropy generation; Nanoliquid; Non-Newtonian; Hydromagnetic; Porosity


This study investigates the flow of magnetohydromagnetic (MHD) Eyring-Powell chemical reaction nanoliquid in a permeable boundless device with wall cooling and thermal radiation. The fully developed Cauchy non-Newtonian fluid model is stimulated by species reaction and the stretching sheet under gravity influence. Using the Rosseland radiation approximation model with an appropriate similarity variable, the dimensionless coupled derivatives are obtained. A shooting numerical technique is utilized to determine the thermophysical effects on the flow characteristics. The solution results are computed and given in graphs and tables for clear demonstration and clarification. The results show that entropy is minimized by augmenting the magnetic field, porosity, and thermodynamic equilibrium. Also, parameters that enhance internal heat must be monitored to prevent chemical reaction nanoliquid blowup. 


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